Yamaaki, Tokoname bonsai pot ,- Artist ; Master Kataoka
Yamaaki, Tokoname bonsai pot ,- Artist ; Master Kataoka

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145 X 115 X 35 MM    (5 5/8 X 4 3/8 X 1 1/8  INCH)
Oval pot, signature pot, koban-- oval
enzuke-- lip attached
fukuro-- bag (shape)
kumo-ashi-- cloud-shaped legs.
  • Originally, it was THE potter, Kataoka Akiji his given name, and Shousen his artist name, . This artist decided to create a business first named " Kataoka . "
    A few years later, there is a noborigama manufacture, (A Noborigama chambered climbing kiln is built on a slope, and each succeeding chamber is situated higher than the one before it. The chambers in a noborigama are pierced at intervals with stoking ports. Such climbing kilns have been used in Japan since the 17th century). The works that will emerge will be stamped ". " Shousen "or" Kinka Still later, after the acquisition of a coal furnace, for the production of ceramic tiles, it will use the name " Saihate no oka 3 years later he changes the status of the business and it is from this point that the works will receive the seal of " Yamaaki ".

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