Akadama Bonsai Soil

Akadama bonsai soil has been time tested for centuries and found to be a superior soil for your bonsai, with Japanese masters using akadama in their bonsai soil mix for their most prized trees. Akadama is key to avoid root rot since its porous nature has a great ability to store moisture, air and nutrients for a healthy and thriving bonsai. With this pumice bonsai soil, much of the guess work is taken out of the care since the bonsai tree soil changes color when in need of watering.

You can view close-up photos for each product, including measurements. Please contact us for pricing if you wish to pick up the product at our warehouse. The list price on bonsai potting soil includes all shipping costs, product is repackaged into a Priority Mail flat rate box to keep the cost of the shipping down. Order yours today!

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Bag of Super Hard Akadama Akadama, Ryuusen heat treated super hard Akadama large
List Price: $55.36
Our Price: $50.95
Sale Price: $47.95
Savings: $7.41
I have been using the pre-mixed bonsai soil from Bonsai Vision and am thoroughly happy with the results. Many of my students have started to use this product. It really saves a lot of time by eliminating the task of mixing the different elements that make up a bonsai mix. It also has very little dust or waste in the bag. Extremely good product."

Fred Miyahara

Honest opinion .you can t duplicate this mix.all my trees love it.thank you.