Tokoname Bonsai Pots are renowned for their style, finish and quality. In choosing a Tokoname pot for your Bonsai you are showing that you place a high value on the visual style and finished appearance of your Bonsai.
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The Kenji Myata Collection of bonsai pots have been hand-selected by Bonsai Master Kenji Miyata for their style, color, and finish to provide you with the perfect pot for that perfect tree.
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Bonsai Pots, Supplies & Accessories

Bonsai Trees have a rich, deep rooted history in the Asian culture, originally derived from the Chinese practice of penjing as early as the 6th century. Bonsai trees have remained a quintessential symbol of dedication and loyalty for centuries. These prized miniature trees require a great deal of care and attention to grow into the beautiful, majestic tree you envision.

Bonsai trees are planted in pots that restrict their growth; therefore it is imperative to ensure you are selecting the appropriate bonsai tree pot suited for your Bonsai Vision. Since bonsais can be grown in many shapes and sizes, it is pertinent for you to have a vision in mind for your tree, which will require specialized bonsai pottery, the right soil mixture, and various pruning and carving tools. Here at Bonsai Vision, you will find everything you need with only the best bonsai accessories, bonsai supplies, and bonsai pots for sale, all of which are vital for the care and upkeep of any bonsai tree.